ABRITES Commander for VAG


ECU - Adaptation

This special function is dedicated to adapt virgin or to reuse “second-hand” engine control units from one vehicle to another. In general the earlier EDC16 and ME7 and all EDC15 allow to adapt engine control units using only PIN code and adaptation on channel 50.
But for the VW/Seat/Skoda starting from 2007, and for Audi starting from 2003/2004 this is no more possible. This special function is dedicated exactly for these engine control units which do not support the channel 50 adaptation. This also includes not only the Bosch EDC16/MED9, but also EDC17/MED17, and also Siemens VDO (Simos PPD and Simos 9.x/6.x/7.x) engine control units.

To adapt engine control unit to the car you need:

- if the engine control unit is virgin, you should only put the new CS (6 or 7 bytes) and new PIN code. You can read them normally from the immobilizer, or from the old ECU if it is present. Especially for EDC17/MED17 you should read these data from immobilizer since EDC17/MED17 do not support reading the CS (only PIN is read for EDC17/MED17)
-If the engine control unit is used, you need the existing CS and PIN of this “second-hand” engine control unit, plus the new CS and new PIN code.

The adaptation of the ECU makes possible following:
       - View power class of the ECU. Power class is fixed in ECU flash and only engine control units with same power class can be replaced.
         If power class is not equal of both ECUs, it is possible to change power class in immobilizer.
       - Change Component security (CS)
       - Change PIN
       - Change MAC (MAC is automatically synchronized after the adaptation is made)
       - Synchronize Immo number and Identification number between Immobilizer and ECU


When starting this special function the following dialog is displayed:

For EDC16/MED9/ME7 and Simos engine control units the customer can press directly “Read” and the old CS/PIN are displayed. If engine control unit is virgin, this is also automatically detected.

So after the successful read of the existing data, they are filled automatically in the field below.
For EDC17/MED17 the old CS/PIN should be put manually as displayed on the following dialog:

Please pay attention that the 7th byte of the CS is not required here.

Pressing the “Read button” will read the power class, existing PIN/CS, also VIN and immobilizer number.


Also after successful reading the fields for the CS/PIN, ID and Immo-number become active and customer may specify the values that he want. Please pay attention that the “power class” for the engine control unit is displayed. This is very important value which is stored inside the engine control flash and cannot be changed. This value should be the same for the engine control unit and the immobilizer, this means if the old (broken) engine control unit is from one power class, and the new one is from other, the car will not start, even if the adaptation procedure was completed. The meaning of the power class value is to prevent putting one engine control unit from e.g. 3.0TDI to car with 2.0TDI.