3 zatvoreniWe are thrilled to offer our customers the latest addition to the Abrites Vehicle Diagnostics tool family. The Abrites cases are the perfect solution when you need to be mobile with your tools and not worry about them.


The cases are made from extremely durable materials and hold certifications for water and dust resistance (IP67 - waterproof and dustproof). In addition to these features the cases can be submerged for longer periods of time (usually about 30 minutes under at least 1 meter of water).


The medium and large cases also feature shoulder straps and additional foam lining. They also have various high-end options such as an automatic pressure release valve, double-throw latches as well as padlockable holes. The hinges on the cases are full length and most notably corrosion-free. The handle has a soft-grip and has been load tested.


All these features come together in a neat package to bring a solution for storing and transporting expensive equipment and hi-tech instruments.

The cases come in 3 sizes - small, medium and large.


malyk otvoren

Small size

sreden otvoren

Medium size

goliam otvoren

Large size

Capacity 4 Litres 20 Litres 34 Litres
Weight 1 Kg 2.78 Kg 3.86 Kg
  Width × Height × Depth: Width × Height × Depth: Width × Height × Depth:
External Dimensions (mm) 243 × 118 × 258 366 × 176 × 464 428 × 211 × 555
Internal Dimensions (mm) 180 × 106 × 235 290 × 159 × 426 350 × 194 × 500
Color Black Black Black
  Complete with 2 sheets of Pick and Pluck Cubed Foam which can easily be shaped to your requirements Shoulder straps, additional foam lining and double latches Shoulder straps, additional foam lining and double latches