ZN030 no cable

The ABPROG Programmer is designed as an aid to all AVDI users in some procedures part of our other softwares. 

With the help of the ABPROG programmer you can:

  • Perform NEC v850 MCU reading.

-  Reading unlocked NEC MCUs. Such MCUs are commonly found in the BCM 2 modules of the VAG A4/A5/Q5 cars. They are also present in the Magneti Marelli clusters of the Volkswagen group cars. The NEC MCUs of this type are also present in Renault handsfree modules so their usage is very extensive in modern automotive electronics. The ABPROG has the ability to read both the flash and the DATA flash of these MCUs. ABPROG can also write these MCUs. If you are interested in a particular MCU you need to go through the specifications of it in order to be sure where you need to connect so that you can read the MCU in question. This means that reading and updating the V850 MCUs will require a higher level of expertise.

ABPROG can be used to renew used automotive keys (ZN046 adapter) in order for them to be reused and programmed to other vehicles. This means that second hand keys can be reused. 

With the help of ABPROG you can extract the IR password and perform personalization for DAS related modules on Mercedes vehicles.

  • Read the SSID of a key, erase the NEC chip and then program it again - you can use the ZN032 adapter with socket for the NEC MCU so that you don't have to solder and desolder the chip numerous times.
  • With the ZN031 adapter for M35xxx/SPI/I2C together with the Abrites EEPROM Programmer software you can erase and write the following types of SPI EEPROM memory with and without incremental registers:
    • M35080VP
    • M35080V6
    • D080D0WQ
    • D160D0WQ
    • M95010,M95020,M95040,M95080,M95160,M95320,M95640
    • M95128, M95256
    • 24XXX
    • 93XXX
  • BCM2 Adapter / X95 adapter - With the help of this adapter you can read the eeprom from a BCM2 module from the following vehicles - Audi A4/A5/Q5 2007+, Audi A6/A7/A8 2011+, VW Touareg 2010+ as well as the eeprom from the BCM module in Renault (X95) based vehciles - Megane III, Scenic III, Fluence 2011+
  • Renew used original keys of the following types using our ZN046 adapter. The following key types are supported:
    • Audi HITAG keys
      - 8T0959754D 868MHz R 233.453.111 02
      - 8T0959754 433MHz R 233.453.111 02
      - 8T0959754A 315MHz R 233.453.111 02
      - 8T0959754F 433MHz K 233.453.111 02
      - 8T0959754F 433MHz K 233.453.111 05-06
      - 8T0959754F 433MHz K 233.453.111 05-06
      - 4G0959754K 868MHz K 233.453.111 05-06
      - 4G0959754G 315MHz K 233.453.111 05-06
      - 4H0959754G 315MHz K 233.453.111 05-06
      - 4H0959754K 868MHz K 233.453.111 05-06
      - 8T0959754 433MHz R 233.453.111 05-06
      - 8T0959754D 868MHz R 233.453.111 05-06
      - 8T0959754G 315MHz K 233.453.111 05-06
      - 4H0959754DD 868MHz K 233.453.211 01-02
      - 4H0959754D 868MHz K 233.453.211 01-02
      - 8K0959754H 868MHz R 233.453.211 01-02
      - 4G0959754BP 315MHz K 233.453.211 01-02
      - 4G0959754DB 315MHz K 233.453.211 01-02
      - 4G0959754DC 315MHz K 233.453.211 01-02
      - 4H0959754DA 433MHz K 233.453.211 01-02
      - 4H0959754DB 315MHz K 233.453.211 01-02
      - 8K0959754BR 868MHz K 233.453.211 01-02
      - 8K0959754D 868MHz K 233.453.211 01-02
    • BMW HITAG keys
      - F HUF5661 868Mhz
      - F HUF5662 315MHz
      - F HUF5663 433MHz
      - F HUF5767 433Mhz
      - F 5WK49661 868MHz
      - F 5WK49662 433MHz
      - F 5WK49663 315MHz
      - E 5WK49125 868MHz REMOTE
      - E 5WK49127 315MHz REMOTE
      - E 5WK49145 868MHz KEYLESS
      - E 5WK49147 315MHz KEYLESS
    • FCA HITAG keys
      - FIAT 500X Keyless AES
      - Chrysler Jeep Dodge M3M Keyless AES
    • GM HITAG keys
      - OPEL 13149658 Zafira B
      - OPEL ASTRA J/INSIGNIA 13500234 433MHz 3BTN
      - BUICK 13500224(13584825) 315MHz
      - BUICK 13500225(13584825) 315MHz
      - CHEVROLET 13500319(13584829) 315MHz 5BTN
      - CHEVROLET 13575163 433MHz 2BTN
      - CHEVROLET 13575175 433MHz 3BTN
      - CHEVROLET 13500221 315MHz
      - GM KEYLESS 433MHz 5BTN
    • Land Rover HITAG keys
      - RANGE ROVER 5E0U40247 434MHz
    • Mitsubishi HITAG keys
      - G8D 644M
    • Porsche HITAG keys
      - 7PP959753AJ 433MHz
      - 7PP959753BN 434MHz
      - 7PP959753BQ 315MHz
      - 7PP959753BM 315MHz
      - 7PP959753BS 434MHz
    • PSA HITAG keys
      - 21676652
      - E33CI002
      - E25CI009
      - E28CI01B
    • Renault HITAG keys
      - RENAULT DACIA AES 2244706 434MHz
      - RENAULT AES 433MHz 7945(53)MC2200
      - RENAULT KEYLESS AES 433MHz 7953MC2200
      - RENAULT FLUENCE 3BTN 61A001 (AK010008)
      - RENAULT MEGANE3 285970036R
      - RENAULT MEGANE3 KEYLESS 285975779R
      - RENAULT MEGANE3 KEYLESS 285979045R
      - RENAULT MEGANE3 285970036R
    • Volvo HITAG keys (for vehicles produced after 2007)
      - KR55WK49266 900 MHz
      - KR55WK49269 433 MHz 


The Abrites ABPROG EWS3 Reader is an assistance tool designed to allow you to read the EWS3 Dump from the EWS3 cars in order to make a key for them, this tool will be very useful when working on the BMW E46/ E53 model cars. The tool attaches to the ABPROG programmer which attaches to the AVDI interface in order to read the EWS3 dump.

Once you have read the EWS3's dump you will be able to save it on your computer. After you do that you will be able to load this dump in the PROTAG software and program a key using it. With the help of the EWS3 Adapter you will no longer need to use third party EWS3 Programmers to read the EWS dump.

As is the norm the Abrites EWS3 adapter comes with the Abrites warranty and the guarantee of our highest quality standards.

*The kit includes an external power supply for the adapter.

DSC 1156 WM DSC 1166 WM

EEPROM wire extender for EEPROM/BCM adapter

The EEPROM wire extender, designed with the FEM-reading procedure in mind, allows the users to solder the wires directly to the required points on the PCB instead of having to mount and dismount the chip several times during a key programming procedure on BMW F-series vehicles. 

ZN057 WM ZN057 connected_WM