Dear Abrites Users,

As we have proven time and again, Abrites always has your best interest at heart, which is why we would like to confirm that all previously blocked interfaces because of the unpaid invoices by Mr. Andrey Glinskiy (even though you have paid your functions to him) are now unblocked and you can use them as you have before. Unfortunately, we have exhausted all peaceful means in which to get our money from Mr. Glinskiy, which is why we will begin a legal battle with him in court, however once again, we DO NOT believe that our customers should suffer because of this dispute and we will take any possible financial losses in order to assure you, that we will always be there for you and we will continue to achieve the impossible together.

Please also excuse us for the delay in this process, however we have had to collect your emails through various channels as we did not have them previously. If you have not received your updates by Friday, 21 September, please write to stating your AVDI ID and email. 

Thank you for your understanding!