ABRITES Diagnostics for Fiat, Lancia, Alfa







ABRITES Diagnostics for Fiat, Lancia, Alfa is software designed for calibration, key programming of Fiat vehicles. In the next versions we hope to be a very good diagnostic tool.

Standard diagnostic functions: In this version of the software have been added several units. You can connect with them to Read and Clear DTC's.

Special functions:

* BCM and Key Manager - Key programming. Transponders/Keys preparation. BCM - Configuration data read and update,
PIN, component protection data display

  • BCM Read/Update ConfData by OBDII. Supported units:
    - BCM Delphi (93C66) - NOTE: PIN Code is required!
    - BCM Marelli (912DG128, 3K91D)
    - BCM Marelli (9S12DG256, 1K79X)
    - BCM Marelli (NEC 70F3237)
    - BCM Siemens (9S12DG128)

  • Transponder maker - Preparing transponder by dump of immobilizer to be ready for key programing.
  • Key learning - by OBDII key programming for variuos models Fiat, Alfa, Lancia - Alfa 147, Mito; Fiat 500, Bravo, Grande punto, Croma, Doblo, Ducato, Fiorino, Idea, Palio, Panda, Stilo; Lancia Thesis, Delta

* Instrument Cluster Data Manager - Update of Instrument Cluster working data

  • Calibration by OBDII in cluster of CAN based vehicles:
  • Strada
    Alfa Giulietta
    Fiat 500
    Alfa 147
    ALfa 159
    Lancia Y
    Lancia Ypsilon 2012
    Alfa MiTo
    Ford Ka
    Punto Evo
    Grande Punto
    Ducato 2006 - 2011
    Ducato 2011+
    Croma 2006+
    Doblo 2009+
    Lancia Musa 2006+
    Lancia Delta 2008+
    Bravo 2005+
    Stilo 2001+
    Maserati Quattro porte 2005, 2006
  • Calibration of Engine Control Unit - BOSCH EDC16 - Tested Version for now : Fiat Croma, Alfa 159, Fiat 16, New Fiat Bravo 1.6 JTD, New Lancia Delta 1.6 JTD, Alfa GTV 1.9 JTD

* Engine Control Unit Flash Manager - Reading and Updating ECU’s flash memory by diagnostic. ECUs supported: IAW 4AF,4EF,59F,5AF,5AM,5NF, 5SF3; MJD 6JF

* Engine Control Unit Configuration Manager - Reading and Updating ECU’s configuration memory by diagnostic. Reset to factory new state option. ECUs supported: EDC15C5, EDC15C7, MJD 6JF/8F2; Marelli IAW 4AF, 4EF, 59F, 5AF, 5AM, 5NF, 5SF3, 5SF8; BOSCH ME7.3H4 (boot), ME7.3.1 (boot)




Special Functions