"Abrites" Ltd. is an innovative company founded in 2005 whose main goal is to develop diagnostic equipment of electronic components integrated into cars, trucks, bikes, etc. The equipment functionality of the company is influenced both by the specific requirements of our partners and the rapid development of automotive electronics. The company offers practical solutions for optimizing, standardizing and simplifying of the work process.

The company is represented and managed by Mrs. Elina Drumeva and its main subject of activity is the development of automotive diagnostics software, as well as the development of interfaces and the production of data reading cables.
The business strategy of the company is development in two main streams – adding new diagnostic solutions for the newer car models and expanding the market for it's current products.

„Abrites" Ltd. is constantly investing in expanding it's activity dealing with automotive diagnostics software. As a prerequisite for that the company has competitive advantage in terms of expertise, technical equipment and innovative potential. Since 2014 „Abrites" Ltd is a member of the „European Lockmaster Group", community of companies whose quality products are based on innovative ideas and strict control.

The company is continually striving to expand its activities in the field of automotive diagnostic software. Abrites LTD. is defined as a "true leader" according to ICAP Bulgaria. "Abrites" Ltd. is in top 300 of the most profitable companies for 2013 in Bulgaria . Since 2012 the number of the employees has increased and the company's credit rating has gone up and it has become a leader in the field.

Commercially speaking, the efforts of the company is focused on consolidating and expanding of the established market share by increasing the amount of sales of our products to our existing and new customers. Our company's points of interest would be future business contacts with services specialized in automotive diagnostics, ones designing and producing car keys, mobile services, mobile locksmiths, etc. "Abrites" do strive through our high quality products to build mutual relations with our customers based on trust and loyalty.

As a company with very rich experience in the development of equipment for diagnostics and programming of car and truck ECUs, "Abrites" understands the great significance of quality customer support. The company take care of its customers and their business, always keeping the customers updated with the latest versions of the products. In developing a knowledge-based business, "Abrites" LTD constantly presents the innovative solutions matching the needs of the customers, so that their business can grow successfully.

The company has a distribution network in Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Israel, Slovakia, Poland, Russia, Mexico, USA, Brazil and others.
"Abrites" Ltd regularly participates in many international exhibitions such as the annual Security Exhibition in Essen, Germany; the exhibition of the European Locksmith Federation in Israel, Poland, Great Britain, Spain and other countries. By using the its products the clients of the company have the opportunity for unified diagnostics and diagnostic procedures that are inaccessible or insufficiently developed by the equipment provided by the automobile manufacturers

These days the company has about 45 young and creative employees. "Abrites" Ldt intends to expand the number of people directly involved in the research, development and customer service. Trying to exceed the clients' expectations, „Abrites" LTD plans to develop and maintain their products to be compatible with operating systems such as "Ios", "Linux", "Android", etc.

Thanks to the enhanced teamwork, in 2014 together with our partners, we opened a training and customer service center in Paris. Abrites LTD will open the training center and customer contact in Manchester, UK as soon as possible

We believe in our abilities, we welcome innovation and dynamics and we aim to achieve the impossible!

Achieve the impossible!


The awards received by our company over the years, thanks to the highly qualified team of young professionals, partners from around the world, our customers and last but not least - our managers. We are proud of the fact that our company has received appreciation and is considered a leader in the aftermarket automotive world.

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